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Governors are appointed to ensure the school objectives are met and that planning for the future is visionary and realistic. We support and encourage the Headteacher and all staff to ensure that children have access to an enriched education and provide them with the building blocks for the future.
Governors are involved in all areas of the school including finance, buildings, pupil welfare, curriculum, staff appointments and school improvement. However without doubt we consider the most important role is to monitor the welfare and education of your children at the school. We are justifiably proud of the children who never cease to amaze. Their achievements are made possible by the dedicated work of all the school staff with the full and challenging support of
Parents, Carers and Friends, this partnership underpins the whole school ethos at Cottingley Village Primary School. We encourage parent participation and our Parent Teacher association are second to none and provide the school with support, time and raise funds to ensure our children get the best
from playtime as well as lesson time.

I, and my fellow governors are available should you wish to discuss any matter relating to the school once you have discussed them with the Headteacher. There are pictures of the governors in the school reception area to help you identify us, parent governors are more accessible as they can usually be found in the school playground dropping off and picking up children of their own. Otherwise we can be contacted via the school office or email via the clerk at a full list of governors is also available on the school website.

Please remember parents and governors play a key role in maintaining the high standards at Cottingley Village Primary School for our current and future children alike.

Kind regards
Joanne Reynard Chair of Governors



Non-confidential minutes of the Governing Body Meetings are available to be viewed in school.