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Early Years

In Nursery and Reception Classes Twinkle Twinkle is used to represent Resourcefulness



The children focus on Imagining as their Learning Power Capacity


The children know that:-

We can learn by using our imagination...thinking and saying “What if...?


Years 1 - 6

In Years 1 - 6 Clive Crow represents Resourcefulness



Years 1 and 2 know that:-

Clive is very resourceful. He asks a lot of questions to solve a problem and finds the answers from reading books, talking to friends, using pictures and looking on the internet. His work is well organised- everything is in the right place. If something does not look or feel right he thinks about where he has gone wrong and how he can put things right.


Years 3 and 4 know that:-

Clive loves to be resourceful. When faced with a challenge he asks lots of questions and uses everything around him to help him be successful. He finds the internet and books most helpful. He uses his imagination to explore all the possibilities and to picture the end result in his mind. Reasoning is very important to Clive, he likes to take a step by step approach to his learning and link what he has learned before to new learning in order to achieve his goal!


Years 5 and 6 know that:-

Clive teaches about resourcefulness, he just can’t stop asking questions! He wonders about things so much that he has to learn how to find answers from a wide range of sources. He loves to research things to store up information and if he cannot find out information for himself he is confident enough to ask others. Clive likes to imagine what the outcome might look like when he starts something so that he knows what he is working towards. Exceptionally organised, Clive loves to work methodically making links with what he has learned before to new learning. He thinks logically, constantly reasoning to ensure he gets the best results and achieves his goal!