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Early Years

In the Nursery and Reception Classes Incy Wincy Spider is used to represent Resilience









The children focus on Perseverance as their Learning Power Capacity


The children know that:-

We can learn by not giving up even when we find things hard. We should keep trying!



Years 1 - 6

 In Years 1 - 6 Percy Penguin is used to represent Resilience


Years 1 and 2 know that

Percy is very resilient. This means he never gives up when he finds something tricky. He stays on task and keeps going until he gets things right. He will not let anybody distract him from what he wants to do. He always looks for things that will help him succeed.


Years 3 and 4 know that

Percy is extremely resilient. He loves a challenge and knows that learning can sometimes be difficult. Even though Percy knows learning can sometimes be hard it doesn’t scare him off- he tries his best at everything he does. Sometimes he doesn’t get it right at first, but Percy just keeps on going, trying and trying again and again until he succeeds. People often try and distract Percy from succeeding but Percy is so determined that he ignores them not letting them get in the way of his learning. He is very quick to notice anything that will help him succeed with his challenges.


 Years 5 and 6 know that

 Percy teaches us about resilience. He is not interested in an easy ride because he knows that this will not move his learning on. He likes to be challenged and he is up for anything! That does not mean he is a brain box; he just sticks at his learning and tries a range of methods until he gets there. Sometimes he takes a break and comes back to his task later when his brain has rested. Percy can get lost in his learning and even his best friends can’t distract him. He is extremely observant and searches for the tools he needs in order to complete a challenge.