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Early Years

In Nursery and Reception Classes Humpty Dumpty is used to represent Reflectiveness


The children focus on Managing as their Learning Power Capacity 


The children know that:-

We can learn by having our own ideas, making links and choosing ways to do things.


Years 1 - 6

In Years 1 - 6  Olive Orangutan is used to represent Reflectiveness



Years 1 and 2 know that:-

Olive likes to be reflective. This means she has a plan for everything she does. However, things don’t always go the way she plans- but don’t worry, Olive always has a backup plan! Nothing and nobody can stop Olive from achieving her goal! She knows what she is good at and what she finds tricky. Olive learns from her mistakes and works hard put things right! 


Years 3 and 4 know that:-

Olive is a very reflective young lady. She has a plan for everything! Constantly thinking about what she will need to do in order to achieve, she is well prepared for any obstacles she may face. Olive knows exactly what she is good at and what she still needs to work on. She is happy to change things, learning from her experiences, to make sure she always succeeds! 


Years 5 and 6 know that:-

Olive teaches us about reflectiveness as she is a real planner. Before starting a task, she thinks carefully about what she needs to learn, ready for any obstacles that might get in her way. She is a flexible learner who asks herself questions about how well things are going and isn’t afraid to change her plans when necessary. Olive can look back on her learning, tell everyone how she has learned and pick out the most important parts to use again. She watches others carefully and helps them to be reflective too.