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Early Years

In Nursery and Reception Classes Humpty Dumpty is used to represent Reflectiveness


The children concentrate on Collaboration as their Learning Power Capacity


The children know that:-

We can learn by working together as a team. We can share ideas and help each other!


Years 1 - 6

In Years 1 - 6 Beryl Bee is used to represent Reflectiveness



Years 1 and 2 know that:-

Beryl teaches us about reciprocity. She knows when it is best to work on her own and when to work with her friends to get a job done. She loves to share ideas but also loves to listen to her friends and learn fun new ideas from them. By watching people all the time, she learns lots of new and exciting things. She likes to ask people if she can use what she has seen to make her work even better. She has lots of friends because Beryl thinks about the feelings of others. 


Years 3 and 4 know that:-

Reciprocity is what Beryl is famous for! Beryl loves to join in and work with others however, she doesn’t mind whether she works in a group or on her own; she simply decides which would be best to get the job done. She loves to watch and imitate others and asks if she can use their fabulous ideas herself in order to improve her own learning. Sharing her ideas is one of her favourite things to do - she loves to help her friends succeed. She is very popular with her friends because she listens to them carefully, to help her understand what they are really saying and feeling. 


Years 5 and 6 know that:-

Beryl teaches us about reciprocity-she loves to learn with others! She encourages everyone in her group to take on a role and to get involved, but she can also see when it would be best to learn on her own. Beryl likes to watch and listen to others and imitate their successes to take her own learning further. She isn’t sneaky about it- she will congratulate her friends on their great ideas and ask if she can use them to help her learning progress. Amazingly, Beryl can put herself in someone else’s shoes and tries to understand how they feel; this makes her very popular with her classmates. Everyone wants to work with her!