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About our Nursery

Our Nursery is a welcoming, friendly, and stimulating environment where children aged 3-4 years learn, play, and grow. The Nursery team work closely together, to plan rich learning experiences such as going on a teddy bears picnic, seasonal walks, gardening and much more.

Using the Development Matters non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2023), we aim to offer a curriculum where children learn and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through play and active learning. Further guidance of what that looks like at home and in school can be downloaded here

The curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning;

The first three areas are known as ‘Prime’ areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- Developing independence, confidence, co-operating, sharing, taking turns, and showing respect.

Communication and Language - Developing speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Physical Development- Learning how to use equipment, balance and co-ordination.


There are an additional four ‘Specific’ areas:

Mathematics- Developing counting, adding, taking away, problem-solving, positions, shapes and patterns.

Literacy- Encouraging children to link sounds and letters and be able to read and write.

Understanding the World - Developing knowledge of the world around us including History, Geography, Science, and Design Technology.

Expressive Arts and Design - Enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials.

Observations are gathered to assess children’s knowledge, skills and understanding and celebrate successful achievements in learning. These observations are added to each child’s individual Learning Journey, which is shared with our parents during parental consultations throughout the academic year. When it comes to teaching and learning in our Nursery, the outdoor classroom is just as important as the indoor classroom. The area and activities are carefully planned so that purposeful learning takes place. Outdoor activities reflect learning that is taking place indoors, often on a larger scale. As well as the physical and well-being benefits, our outdoor classroom offers a place where children can develop their gross motor skills, which comes before the development of fine motor skills for holding pencils or scissors. We also have a class library every Friday where children are welcome to borrow a book to share at home with their family.