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Long Term Curriculum Plan

Below is the Curriculum Plan for the school. 

To find out more information about the individual year groups curriculum, click on the different Theme Headings. More information will be added throughout the year.




What is it like to be me?


Is my life the same as when my Grandma was a child?

What’s your favourite fairytale?

Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?


Who’s your favourite pirate?


Curriculum Drivers - Science and PHSCE

Curriculum Drivers - History based – toys, food, homes, Cottingley – things close to them

Curriculum Drivers - Geography , history and literacy based – Cottingley Fairies

Curriculum Drivers - Geography based – weather around the world

Curriculum Drivers - Literacy and history based

Ongoing Science – how trees change through the seasons – look at the same group of trees in the school grounds visually and in writing observe and record changes throughout the year.

Ongoing Geography – use the weather station to record how the weather changes throughout the year


Who is your favourite Superhero?

How do you become an author?

What lives in our woods?

Would you like to live in a castle?

Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

Curriculum Drivers -History based – famous superheroes from the past Curriculum Drivers -      DT and lCurriculum

Curriculum Drivers –Geography and Science, PHSC

Curriculum Drivers – History, Art


Curriculum Drivers - Geography, science and history basediteracy based

Why is Roald Dahl so popular?

Can you conquer the Dragon’s Den?

What makes the Earth angry?

Who were the first people to live in Britain?

What did the Greeks do for us?

Curriculum Drivers –History, DT, Speaking and Listening (Peformance)

Curriculum Drivers  -   Art, DT and PHSCE – Enterprise

Curriculum Drivers – Geography mountains and volcanoes, history Romans


Curriculum Drivers – History, art Curriculum Drivers – History

What can we do to save the rainforest?

What was it like to be child in World War II?

Will you ever see the water you drink again?

Could you have survived in Tudor England?

Could Robots rule the world?

Curriculum Drivers - Geography & Science Curriculum Driver – History Curriculum Driver –Geography and Science - Rivers and water cycle

Curriculum Driver– History exploration Sir Francis Drake and plagues and disease


Curriculum Driver - Science and DT

Is there anybody out there?


What skills do you need to be successful?

How has Islamic Civilisation changed the world?

How did we discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

What does it take to survive?

Curriculum Driver – science Curriculum Driver - DT/Enterprise Curriculum Driver- History and Geography based – Golden age of Islam Curriculum Driver - History & Geography Focus – Geography and History

Mythical Beasts and How to Slay them

What was life like as a Victorian Child?

Do Heroes and Villains exist in real life?

What goes bump in the night?

Post SATs - How Do You Kill a Vampire

Curriculum Driver– History Anglo Saxons Curriculum Driver - History & PHSCE Curriculum Driver – PHSCE Curriculum Driver  Literacy –

Curriculum Driver – DT/Enterprise/PHSCE