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Our Rabbits


Our rabbits live in the quad outside Mrs Geale's office. Their hutch is in  there and the rabbits are free to wander round the quad during the day. They can often be seen sitting on top of the hutch in the sun.

There is a rota for looking after the rabbits. To be on the rota the children have to be able to:-

  • Come in to school early to give the rabbits their breakfast, check their water and sort the hutch before school.
  • Handle the rabbits and look after them at break/lunchtime. Give them a cuddle and play with them in the quad.
  • Clean out the hutch on a Friday.
  • Be responsible for ordering more straw, hay, sawdust and food for them.
  • Keep the quad clean and tidy for the rabbits to play in.
  • Help with the display board about the rabbits.

The children really enjoy having the rabbits as school pets and learn about the importance and pleasure in caring for animals. They provide the children with great life skills and help them to learn in a different way.

Our rabbits are called Paddy and Titch.

Paddy is the brown one and Titch is the black one.