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Gardening with Steve


We are very lucky at C.V.P.S to have Steve working with us every Thursday. All classes have allocated times to work with Steve and do so approximately every 6 weeks.

Occasionally it has been necessary to alter Steves timetable so the best way to keep informed as to when your children are gardening is to check class notices on either the noticeboard outside your child's classroom, the PIW's notice board, on the School Website Calendar or on Learnanywhere.

You will recieve a text message at the start of the week if your child's class are gardening on that Thursday.

It is important that on the days when your child is gardening that they bring or wear a set of old clothes to school, including wellies. It is highly likely that they will get mucky. They should also have their uniform in school to change into after they have finished their gardening session.