Cottingley Village Primary School

Together We'll Succeed

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Mission Statement

At Cottingley Village Primary School we are proud to be a welcoming, successful, inclusive school that has a principled approach to ensuring that each child is seen as an individual. Our mission is to prepare citizens of tomorrow to be the best that they can by ensuring that every child is equipped with, and can effectively utilise, the skills, attitudes and values for life long learning.

This will be achieved by providing:

  • a safe, secure and happy learning environment where each child is valued and inspired to achieve all that they can
  • a dedicated, innovative and aspirational staff team who are committed to delivering excellent learning
  • an engaging, creative, broad based curriculum which is personalised to meet the needs of the whole child
  • a learning centred school community that is mutually supportive, respectful and valued

We aim to

  • develop independence and responsibility in the individual
  • nurture social and emotional security
  • promote positive relationships with all members of our school and the local community
  • develop the use of new technologies that stimulate and extend boundaries of learning
  • promote enjoyment and exciting experiences in all areas of school life that extend beyond the classroom
  • give every child the best educational start in life that we can
  • actively seek to develop our professional skills and take on new challenges

At Cottingley Village Primary School we strive for excellence and